Welcome to Schreiber's Collision & Restoration Center 
 Owners Eric & Billie Jo Schreiber care about your safety and will save you time and 
 money on your vehicle repairs.  You will feel confident knowing that Eric has over 
30 years experience in the Auto Body Repair Industry.  With Eric and our Full Time Body, Paint and Mechanical Technicians, we will make sure your repair process goes as smooth 
as possible.

     *   We serve the area's Domestic and Foreign auto repair needs. 
     *   We offer unbeatable prices, reliable experience and efficient service.
     *   Our auto repair shop is your best source for quick and reliable auto repair. 
     *   Our shop offers modern computer technology and friendly service. 
     *   We provide a service guarantee for all of the work done with us.
     *   For your convenience, we provide free estimates and work directly with 
          your insurance company  to expedite the processing and billing of your claim.

FREMONT, NH          
Owned By Eric and Billie Jo Schreiber
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83 Main Street * Route 107
Phone #603-895-9193
Fax # 603-895-9110

 Monday to Friday 8:00am - 5:00pm
Saturday   **  By Appointment Only 

Body & Paint Labor:    $52.00 Per Hour
 Paint & Material:           $34.00 Per Hour
  Frame Labor:                   $65.00 Per Hour
  Mechanical Labor:          $70.00 Per Hour
  Restoration Services:    $65.00 Per Hour
  Please Note:   Billing is done at Every 40  Hours     of completed labor with body and paint  materials   billed as ordered.
Bogie, Briggsey and Keiser
Remy and Snoopy
Eric and Billie Jo in Pittsburg, NH